18TH & 19TH JANUARY 2019

A W A : E K 2 is a 2-day International Event on sustainable lifestyle and circular economy based on lessons learnt from ‘Khadi way of life’.

Day 1

18th Jan, 2019 Friday

Introduction and Workshops on hand spinning, weaving, natural dyes & printing (registration required) to get us connected with creation of fabric and clothing.

Registration Fee: From 500/- to 2500/- per workshop (schedule & details attached)

Student Workshop Fee: Flat 500/- (with a slot reserved for Seminar registration)
Open House - all are invited to see the displays, participate and network.


Workshop Time Duration Workshop Who What? Price (in Rs.) What to bring?
10 AM - 1 PM 3 Hours NO STITCHES! Anuj Sharma , Button Masala Learn the Button Masala technique and make your own garment with no stitches- zero waste and sustainable clothing! 2000 2 metres of plain fabric of your choice: khadi/cotton/silk
10 AM - 1 PM 3 Hours DYE, NATURALLY! Namrata Manot, Biome A hands-on natural dyeing experience: explore how can one transition from chemical to natural dyes in textiles, painting or printing and make your own dyed garment! 2000 Plain stoles/tees/kurtas in cotton(We will also have some organic tees of various sizes and stoles for you to buy and dye as a ready product if you’d like to. However these ready to dye products will be chargeable.)
11 AM - 4 PM 5 Hours FELT GOOD! Jigisha Patel, Unnu A natural wool felt-making workshop with Jigisha: explore how to combine traditional practices with new methods to create your own felted product. 2500 A pair of scissors, pencil
11 AM - 4 PM 5 Hours CLAMP & TIE SURPRISE! Kamaldeep Kaur, Neelgar Learn multiple methods and techniques from the expert to clamp and tie-dye fabrics and unravel surprises to see your designs come to life! Natural dyes will be used for dyeing and small cotton swatches will be provided. 2500 Bring your own 100% silk or 100% cotton material/stoles for more exploration!
Pencil, pens, fabric scissors, notebook for taking notes, news paper for taking wet samples or fabrics, plastic bag for the same purpose, measuring tape.
10 AM - 3 PM 5 Hours GODDESS NARRATIVES Chandrakanth Chitara, independent craftsperson (Mata ni Pachedi) Learn the history and painting technique of this 300 year old traditional sacred story telling craft which depicts narratives of Goddess Durga in her various incarnations. Popularly known as 'Gujarat's Kalamkari', you will learn from the masters of this craft themselves and make your own painted pieces. 2500
10 AM - 3 PM 5 Hours NEXT BLOCK PLEASE! Jayanti Chitara, independent craftsperson (Block printer) Explore wooden block printing it's process, technique and history with master craftsmen, and make your own printed textiles! Ahmedabad was once the trading hub of saudigiri printed textiles for Thai market (about 200 years ago). 2500 Bring your own 100% cotton material/stoles for more exploration!
4 PM - 5:30 PM 90 mins UPCYCLE YOUR WORDROBE!! Namrata Manot, Biome Learn the way towards a more sustainable living! Namrata will guide you through giving a new life to your old clothes, get you plain cotton tees/kurtas/stoles and give them a terrific twist using natural dyes and some tie-dye techniques. 500 Bring your own 100% cotton, plain tee shirts/stoles/kurtas/bags!
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Day 2

19th Jan 2019 Saturday

We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Smt. Ela Bhatt to inaugurate and give a Keynote Address. Talks and dialogue sessions with audience participation on fabrics, clothing and sustainability. The evening rendition songs of hope/life based on field experiences by Loknaad. Poetry/songs of India’s most revered Weaver and Saint, Kabir by ShabnamVirmani.

Registration Fee: 100/- (Seminar details attached)

Thanks to support from our collaborators, the registration fee is a token amount of Rs. 100/- to mark your support and commitment.

*Student Registration Fee: 500/- + any 1 workshop free! (Students will need to bring their college/school ID cards)


Dr. Ela Bhatt

*Keynote Speaker


Archana Shah

Aditi Ranjan

Dr. Karunakaran

Kapil Shah

Krishna Patel

Andy Rutherford

Sonal Baid

Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar

Villoo Mirza

Nitin Pamnani

Poludas Nagendra Satish

Uma Prajapati

Shailini Sheth Amin

Chandrakant Patel

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